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Social media for doctors – ethical unknowns?


Doctors are coming out from behind their stethoscopes and joining the hordes on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks. Some hospitals and medical schools have policies to direct medical students and doctors on how to use social media properly, but formal ethical guidance to help doctors maintain professional standards online is scarce.

Doctors are largely on their own to devise rules on how to maintain appropriate boundaries with patients on social media, and how to ensure that what they post online does not reflect badly on themselves, or the profession.

AMA Council of Doctors in Training has addressed this issue head-on, in a new initiative in conjunction with the the New Zealand Medical Association Doctors-in-Training Council, the New Zealand Medical Students’ Association and the Australian Medical Students’ Association.

Social Media and the Medical Profession & Psychologists – a guide to online professionalism for medical practitioners and medical students, provide practical guidelines to assist doctors and medical students to continue to enjoy the online world, while maintaining professional standards.

Click here to download the resource.